Detecting fake reviews to have a trustworthy car transport service from Cairns to Melbourne

Car Transport Service from Cairns to Melbourne

Detecting fake reviews to have a trustworthy car transport service from Cairns to Melbourne

05 Aug, 2021

If you want to find a good, trustworthy and reliable car transport service from Cairns to Melbourne, one way is to use reviews. In the digital space, reviews help the customers decide to purchase a specific service/good or not. Most of the customers rely on the reviews, and they prefer to read about previous customers’ experiences than reading the about us section of the website.

Have you ever thought that what if you select a car transporter by reading reviews and the reviews, later on, prove to be fake when you get their services and something wrong happens to your car? At that time, you won’t be able to undo that. If you are determined to purchase a thing worth $10 by reading the fake review, it would not be significant harm to your assets. But selecting an unreliable car transporter for car transport service from Cairns to Melbourne would be a significant loss. Thereupon, keeping this in view, PS Logistics presents this article that will help you in understanding the detection of fake reviews by using a few tips. You do not have to use any additional gadget to detect fake reviews; instead, the basic level observation is enough to do the task!

Tips for detecting fake reviews car transport service from Cairns to Melbourne

The distance from Cairns to Melbourne means that your car transport would be in the hands of a car transporter for more than 24 hours. Thus, you should select the car transporter from Cairns to Melbourne using accurate reviews. But the issue is that today's digital space is full of fake reviews. Fake reviews detection can be a cumbersome task because sometimes the writers are professional and they try not to make mistakes in writing the reviews, but as they have not used the services themselves, it can be possible to detect fake reviews using the following tips:

Repetition of words

When the writers write the reviews obviously fake ones, they try to present a good image of the car transporters and their services. Most of the time, all the reviews are written by one writer, and he/she repeatedly uses “amazing,” “excellent,” “good,” and so on in almost all comments. Those comments are fake, without any doubt. Also, the writers use the same tone and style in all comments, which shows that the reviews are not authenticated.

Date of posting reviews service from Cairns to Melbourne

Another tip to detect fake reviews is to check the date of the reviews. It is not possible that many clients use the same service on the same date, and they upload the reviews with a pause of 10 or 15 minutes. One more thing to be noticed here is how is it possible that a website was receiving reviews for over one month, and suddenly 5 to 10 or even more customers upload their reviews on the same date.

Detecting fake reviews through language

The language of a review tells a lot about the review. There are a lot of things to be noticed under the umbrella of this tip. How is it possible that all customers acquire the car transport service from Cairns to Melbourne and do not post even a single bad word against the car transport service? Aussies are very cautious in writing and speaking English so, you would not witness anything wrong with the original review like grammar and spelling, but if the car transporters hire a non-native writer to write the reviews, there are plenty of chances of grammatical error. According to Cornell University research, the fake review writers use “I” and “We” a lot. The reason is that they want to make sure that the reader would consider it an honest review.

Another mistake commonly made by fake review writers is that they use exclamation signs a lot. For example, “I witnessed a great experience! They were on time, and I enjoyed their service! I really thank you!” In this example, one can everything that seems ideal. The sign of exclamation and I personal pronoun are used repeatedly. Also, notice the structure of the sentences and the selection of words. It does not seem that a valid user or customer has posted this review.

Profile of the customer who posts a review car service from Cairns to Melbourne

The profile of the customer tells a lot about the review. The profile might not have any other review

than only the one you are reading. The fake review writer generally does not have a profile picture because no authenticated person owns the profile. Additionally, the writer’s name might also be suspicious like Marry Potter, John Smith, and so on. These names would be like the string of numbers generated by the computers.

Website credible

The website also tells us about fake reviews. A credible website would not allow a user to post a comment or review without logging in and not having a customer ID. You can try this yourself. A trustworthy website like PS Logistics does not allow any user to post a review without having a login, profile, and customer ID.

The span of posting the reviews

Most car transporters that provide car transport services from Cairns to Melbourne do not receive legitimate reviews for over a few months; hence, they decide to purchase fake reviews. Those reviews are primarily posted within a week which makes the whole review posting suspicious.

The perspective of posting a review

Another helpful tip is to check the perspective of the review. The review perspective can be broad or specific. The broad perspective of review means that the customer mostly talks generally. For example, Everything is well! I really enjoyed their service! ” Another example here is: “The driver was not very responsible. He answered the calls at first, and then he started ignoring my messages, but the in-office staff dealt well with the issue.” The difference between the two comments is crystal clear.

PS Logistics does not allow fake reviews to be posted. We believe in truth, and we encourage customers to upload their authentic experiences.

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