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Booking with us couldn’t be easier…

P&S Logistics is Australia’s leading local and nationwide vehicle transport provider. Working alongside reliable Australian carriers utilizing all forms of transport, our industry knowledge, strong partnerships, and transport service offering makes us one of the most competitive vehicle transporters in the market. Our simple, no fuss online booking system is available 24/7 for your convenience. Our commitment is to deliver a capable, reliable, and customer centric approach to vehicle transport. No tricks or hidden fees, and as seamless as possible.

Terms of Service

We rely on the details and information supplied by you.
All vehicles MUST fulfill the following:

  • Be drivable with functioning breaks, handbrake, and windows.
  • No damage and / or hanging parts.
  • Minimum ground clearance of 150mm / 15cm
  • Vehicle weight should not exceed 3 ton
  • Minimum ¼ tank of fuel *Refuel fee applicable if vehicle runs out of fuel.
  • *Please contact us if the vehicle you wish to transport does not meet the above-mentioned requirements
Standard dimension are as follows:
Car / Sedan:
   i.   Length – 5.1m or under
    ii.  Width – 2m or under
    iii.  Height – 1.65m or under
Light Commercial / 4WD / SUV
    i.  Length – 5.2m or under
   ii.  Width – 2m or under
   iii.  Height – 1.9m or under
*If the dimensions differ to that of the above, a modified quote must be selected. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Service Team for further assistance. The vehicle's dimensions should be calculated from the highest points. (Roof racks/folded-in mirror edges/bulbar/tow ball, etc.)


Unless the 'Goods in Vehicle’ option is selected, all vehicles MUST be empty. Certain routes don’t allow goods in vehicles, in such case the option to add goods in vehicles will not be available.
Please note that this service allows:

  • Up to 80kgs of goods
  • For further information about this option, please see our ‘Goods In Vehicle’ policy document, which should be followed strictly.


    A vehicle will still be considered empty even with the following items:

  • Spare tire
  • Jack
  • Tool kit (associated with the vehicle)
  • Fitted Baby Seats / Booster Seats

    ‘Pickup Dates’ and ‘Transit Days’ are approximates only and refers to business days and excludes weekends and public holidays. Pickup Dates and Transit days may vary due to peak periods, backlogs, acts of nature, freight dependency, and location. The transit time starts from the date of collection or the business day after drop-off at the depot. P&S Logistics does not guarantee collection or delivery time frames. Please do not plan holidays, trips and/or meetings using estimated transit times.


    Metropolitan door collections require a minimum of 3 business days from the provided pickup date.
    Rural door and ‘Call to Meet’ collections are freight dependent areas, which means the pick will be done based on the provided ETA.
    *Please note placing a desired collection date on your booking request does not indicate a guaranteed date or time for pickup. A collection will be organised with pickup contact one business day before collection when an approximate timeframe will be provided.
    *A futile fee may be applicable should the vehicle not meet the terms of the booking.


    Delivered vehicles to a depot must be collected within 2 business days of arrival. Vehicles which are not collected within this timeframe may incur daily storage fees.


    Vehicles collected from an action house must be drivable without damage. If the vehicle invoice states ‘write off’ or the vehicle presents any damage, the service should be re-quoted as the prices quoted on our website do not consider written off or damaged vehicles. This information must be provided to us prior to booking, otherwise the service may be cancelled with a futile fee and a cancelation fee. Furthermore, once a booking is made supporting documentation is required to collect a vehicle from an auction house. It is customer’s responsibility to provide all the necessary documents for us to organise the collection . .


    Any change requests to a booking must be received in writing to info@pslogistics.com.au Modifying a booking may result in additional charges. Please contact our Customer Service Team for further information.


    All cancellation requests must be received in writing to info@pslogistics.com.au and a cancellation fee is appliable of $250 per booking. If your cancellation is not received in writing, and /or is cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice, or a carrier attends the collection, a futile fee will be appliable in addition to the cancellation fee. Furthermore, If the vehicle has been allocated a space for transport (planned load) and a decision is made to cancel for any reason, the total cost of the booking may be forfeited .


    P&S Logistics is committed to providing quality services to you and our policy outlines our ongoing obligations to you in respect of how we manage your Personal Information. We have adopted the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act). The NPPs govern the way in which we collect, use, disclose, store, secure and dispose of your Personal Information. A copy of the Australian Privacy Principles may be obtained from the website of The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at www.oaic.gov.au. For further information please see our Privacy policy document which can be obtained on our website: www.pslogistic.com.au.


    The presentation, design, and contents displayed in all sections of this website are the intellectual and physical property of P&S Logistics and are protected under Australian and International Copyright Law. None of these contents can be duplicated, replicated entirely, or distributed without the express written consent of P&S Logistics.


    By accessing www.pslogistic.com.au., you take full responsibility. You acknowledge that it is provided "as is" basis. Neither P&S Logistics nor the website designer (P&S Logistics) gives any warranty concerning this site nor takes responsibility for technical inaccuracies.


    P&S Logistics does not hold an Australian Financial Services License and, in accordance with Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), P&S Logistics does not arrange nor provide insurance to any of its Goods in Service. This includes loss or damage to personal effects left in the Vehicle and/or damage caused to the Vehicle by having personal effects in the Vehicle, which is entirely at Your risk.
    When you use our service, you acknowledge that P&S Logistics is working as your agent to get you the best possible price and service. The carrier provides accidental transit warranty if the carrier is found to be negligent in damaging your vehicle during transit. P&S logistics and the carriers are not responsible for any damage caused due to the customer not providing accurate information (including and not limited to; Ground clearance, Car dimension, etc). Approved claims MUST be made directly with the carrier. A claim must be made within 24hrs of collecting the vehicle in writing to info@pslogisitics.com.au. All claims will incur $1000 excess charges.
    No repairs are to be carried out without written permission from the carrier. Carriers do not provide cover for an incidence that is beyond their control such as: pre-existing damage, hidden defects, weather damage, airborne objects, insect damage, bird or bat droppings, scratches, or normal wear and tear.
    Carriers do not cover already damaged or non-drivable vehicles in any case. Vehicles older than 30 years and / or over $80,000 market value are not covered. Furthermore, the carrier is not liable for damage to windows, tyres, rims, hidden defects, mechanical or electrical damage, or derangement that may arise in vehicles transported or loss or damage arising from or in connection with a Force Majeure Event.
    A “Force Majeure Event” means anything outside that party’s reasonable control causing delays or inability wholly or in part to perform any obligations, including without limitation, fire, flood, drought, hail, storm, lightning, earthquake, wildlife impact, act of God, peril of sea or air, explosion, sabotage, embargo, pandemic or epidemic, accident, theft , road or rail closures, road works, breakdown of equipment or infrastructure, rail derailment, wharf delays, quarantine restriction, labour dispute or labour shortage, terrorism, civil commotion, act of war and act or omission of any third party, person or public authority.
    Furthermore, carriers do not cover any indirect, special, or consequential losses including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of business and pecuniary loss however so caused or arising, including the request or requirement for a hire vehicle, or other economic loss, even if known they are possible or otherwise foreseeable.


    When you use our service, you acknowledge that P&S Logistics is working as your agent to get the best possible pricing and service. With this, you understand that P&S Logistics may not directly perform the vehicle transport. In addition, you accept that it is the carrier that holds the responsibility of transporting your vehicle, not P&S Logistics. This implies that you agree to the carrier's terms and conditions and that you understand that if any damage occurs, the carrier will handle it for you.


    Personal Information refers to facts or an opinion (including data contained in a database), whether true or false, and whether recorded in a tangible form, about a person whose identity is obvious or reasonably ascertainable from the data or opinion. We require personal information for the general operation of our business and to offer you the services we provide.


    P&S Logistics will not provide any personal information collected to persons and institutions outside of P&S Logistics other than to provide the services or products you requested or for, legal, or lawful purposes. It may include (but not limited to) revealing information to Legal/Law Enforcement Agencies/Agents and Government agencies, among others. Except as mentioned, P&S Logistics will not disclose personal information unless you have given us permission to do so.


    Only the person(s) specified in the information provided have access or the ability to change any of the personal information provided to P&S Logistics at any time. A written request accompanied by appropriate identification will be required to make such changes.


    While P&S Logistics takes reasonable precautions to protect your personal information, you should always send and receive information over the Internet at your own risk. There is no guarantee that data exchanged over the Internet is completely safe.


    For any questions relating to our service or for more information about our terms of service, please contact us on 1300 513 813 or e-mail info@pslogistics.com.au