Transport Your Car from Pickles Auctions with P&S Logistics

Car transport from Pickles auctions

Transport Your Car from Pickles Auctions with P&S Logistics

10 May, 2024

Purchasing a vehicle at an auction can be exhilarating, especially at Pickles, one of Australia's largest auction groups known for its extensive range of vehicles. But the subsequent transportation often presents a challenge. Not with P&S Logistics! We specialize in seamless car transport services across Australia, ensuring your auction experience remains hassle-free from bid to delivery.

Understanding Car Auctions at Pickles

Pickles is one of Australia's premier auction houses, offering a wide range of vehicles, from nearly-new sedans to classic cars. Whether you are a car enthusiast or a one-time buyer, Pickles provides a platform where you can find just the right vehicle to meet your needs.

The Challenge of Car Transport After Purchase

After the thrill of the winning bid, the practical challenge of vehicle transport arises. How do you get your new purchase from the auction house to your doorstep, especially if it's across the country? That's where choosing a reliable transport service becomes crucial.

Why Choose P&S Logistics for Your Transport Needs

At P&S Logistics, we understand the complexities of transporting vehicles from auctions. Our services are designed to provide:

  • Reliability: With a track record of punctuality and safety, we ensure your vehicle arrives in the condition it was bought.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Whether it’s from Sydney to Perth or Melbourne to Darwin, we cover all routes across Australia.
  • Fully Insured Transport: Every vehicle we transport is fully insured against accidents and damages, so you can have peace of mind.
  • Things to Consider Before Picking Up a Car from Pickles Auctions

    Before arranging transportation for your new vehicle, consider the following to ensure a smooth process:

  • Vehicle Condition Report: Request a detailed condition report from the auction house. This should include any mechanical issues or body damage.
  • Auction Clearance: Ensure all financial transactions are cleared and that there are no outstanding obligations that might delay pickup.
  • Transport Permits: Depending on the vehicle and its roadworthiness, temporary permits may be required for transportation.
  • Personal Inspection: If possible, inspect the vehicle yourself or hire a professional to do so before it leaves the auction house. This can help avoid surprises upon delivery.
  • How P&S Logistics Manages Transport from Pickles

    Our process is straightforward and designed with your convenience in mind:

  • Booking: Once your purchase is confirmed, contact us with the details, and we'll handle the rest.
  • Pickup: Our experienced drivers will collect your vehicle directly from Pickles.
  • Transport: Using our fleet of modern and secure carriers, we transport your vehicle.
  • Delivery: Your vehicle is delivered to your chosen location, ready for you to drive away.
  • Booking Your Transport with P&S Logistics

    Ready to transport your car from Pickles auctions? Visit our website or call us directly to book your transport service. Our friendly team is ready to assist you with any queries and ensure your vehicle transport is as smooth as your auction win.