The 100% workable tips for car transport Melbourne to Cairns at low cost

Car Transport from Melbourne to Cairns

The 100% workable tips for car transport Melbourne to Cairns at low cost

25 Jul, 2021

Have you purchased a car from another state and now looking for interstate car transport Melbourne to Cairns ? We are fully aware that you have spent much already, and now you are not in the mood to spend hoards of money to get your car at your doorstep. P&S Logistics presents 100% workable tips that you can use to get your car transported from Melbourne to Cairns.

We have listed a few tips that would work in your favor. The tips will also educate the factors on which car transport actually depends. But before that, you must have answers to two questions: What is your location exactly? And at which time do you want your car to be delivered? These two are the factors that will directly affect your cost of car transport from Melbourne to Cairns. You can contact us if you need any further guidance regarding an order. Our well-experienced and professional staff always feels immense pleasure in helping you. Let’s not beat about the bush and jump straight to the tips!

Different types of modes for car transport Melbourne to Cairns

There are mainly two types of modes used in transporting a car from Melbourne to Cairns. Let’s first know the types and when each one is used; then we will talk about which one to use for cost-effective car transportation from Melbourne to Cairns.

Open-air transport:

Open-air transport is the most common type of car transport from Melbourne to Cairns. In this mode of car transport, the cars seem to airplane or train which is entirely open. In short, it is not a safe mode as your car will be open to all elements of the universe, but it is really cost-effective. That is why 97% of the people prefer open-air transport for interstate car transport.

Enclosed transport:

Enclosed transport is like transporting a car in another big car. It is safe for transporting cars, but it is the most expensive model due to the high level of security. Enclosed transport is 50% more expensive than the open-air transport for transporting a car from Melbourne to Cairns. So after knowing both of the types of modes, open-air transport is highly recommended. Although it is a bit unsafe mode of car transport from Melbourne to Cairns, PS Logistics your car will be safe. We try our level best to adopt and follow international car transporting standards.

Choose standard car transport from Melbourne to Cairns.

There are two types of car transport Melbourne to Cairns services: standard and customized. The standard one is obviously less expensive and convenient with no additional requirement required from the customer. On the other hand, the customized service is expensive, requiring a lot of input from the customer. If we keep the cost in mind, we will suggest you choose standard services. In the standard service, no insurance is added, but excellent and experienced car transporters like P&S Logistics would assure you that you will get premium quality service with no issues at all. Many cars are transferred from Melbourne to Cairns every day, and most of them avail themselves of standard service, which shows this service is not that bad. You can save a tremendous amount of money by using standard services and open-air transport.

No extra weight in the car for transport from Melbourne to Cairns

You might have heard that some car transporters allow 40 KGs to 50 KGs in the car during the transport from Melbourne to Cairns. We do not suggest this! The reason is that you might have to pay hundreds of dollars later on. Because of this, it is better that you consider a car as a car.

Contact different car transporters for getting quotes.

Do not ever make any decision in a rush. It is very important that you get a quote from other car transporters for car transport Melbourne to Cairns. It might be hectic and daunting to get quotes from different car transporters, but you know what? This is the thing that will directly affect the cost. While getting the quote, make sure to read about all the companies and reviews of their previous customers. After you have got the quotes, pick the car transporters with a good reputation and low cost.

Choose off-season for car transport from Melbourne to Cairns.

The business of car transport is at its peak during summer. Car transporters charge high for their services, and if you do not pay high, they will undoubtedly prioritize their orders and deliver the car accordingly. Ultimately, your car will be delivered late. So, if you want to get your car within a matter of a few days at a low cost, you should consider transporting a car from Melbourne to Cairns in the off-season.

Do not hire an agent.

Agents perform research, get quotes, and charge hundreds and thousands of dollars for only suggesting some ridiculous car transport for their own commission. Because of these reasons, you should not hire any middleman or agent to transport your car from Melbourne to Cairns. If you hire any middleman and something wrong happens to your car, your agent would never take the blame. So, you should not hire an agent; instead, you should do all the tasks of the agent yourself in a better way.

Drive car yourself (Not highly recommended)

One of our least favorite and not recommended options is that you can drive the car yourself. The journey from car transport Melbourne to Cairns would take 31 hours approximately if you drive the car without rest. It will surely help you save money, but other symbolic money would be extravagantly wasted. You can ask your family member or friend to drive the car, but still, you would have to pay toll taxes.

So, after all these tips, we would say that you should go for open-air transport with standard service and no agent should be involved in the whole process. Also, select the off-season for this task.