Tips for car transport from Mackay to Brisbane

Car Transport  Service from Mackay to Brisbane

Tips for car transport from Mackay to Brisbane

25 Jul, 2021

The distance between car transport from Mackay to Brisbane is 596 miles, which is enough to horrify any car transport customer, whether new or regular. But with sufficient knowledge, you can easily transport your car from Mackay to Brisbane. If you have an excellent car transporter company such as P&S Logistics, this horrifying situation will no longer be a nightmare for you. We have prepared a few tips that can help you as a cheat sheet in passing this exam.

If you move your car yourself, it will be cumbersome in your pocket as you might have to stop in various spots to eat and relax before you could continue your journey. The summer season proves to be a gold egg-laying hen for the car transporters, and in this season, they charge high and do not pay proper attention to your car due to excessive demand of the service. So, there are two options for you in this situation; one, either you move the car yourself or search for an excellent company at a reasonable cost.

You should go with the second option. We know you might have found the best car transporters from Mackay to Brisbane, but they do not assure you the best. They might let you down on the prices by changing them. Sometimes you do not go for Google and hire an agent to accomplish the goal, but an important question is how they can be as much care as you can because they do not own the car. For this reason, we have listed and explained a few tips that can help you and save you from the problems that you might face for car transport from Mackay to Brisbane.

Before we dive deep into the tips, there are a few things that you must know. First, you should know the actual distance from Mackay to Brisbane because the rest of the process depends on this information. Secondly, you must keep your cell phone turned on. The reason is that the driver might call you one day before pickup and delivery. So, you have to keep in touch with the driver.

Now is the time to know about the tips.

Choosing a perfect trailer for Car transport from Mackay to Brisbane

Choosing a delivery trailer is not a big issue, but selecting a perfect trailer according to your requirements is imperative. You should keep in mind two factors for choosing a perfect trailer. The first one is distance and the second one is the weather. The two trailer options are open-air and enclosed transport. The distance from Mackay to Brisbane is 596, so open-air transport is a workable option, but if the weather forecast shows rain or storm on the day of transport, you should select enclosed transport. One important thing to mention is that enclosed transport is 50% expensive than open-air transport. You should carefully make the decision.

Know your driver and keep in contact with him

Many car transporters have the policy to reduce a specific percentage from the cost if the customer agrees to receive the car at a specific location. In this way, the car transporters do not have to pay the toll taxes. So, it is cost-effective to meet the driver at a specific location said by the driver. For this reason, you have to contact the driver during the car transport from Mackay to Brisbane.

Do not overweight the car.

Many car transport companies offer the customers that they can pack up to 40 to 50 KGs in the car. But do not flatter for this offer because it is your car, not a suitcase. It is evident that the car transporters will never cover your 50 KGs belongings in the insurance, and you better not risk your belongings here. Also, the driver might have to pay a fine if the weight increases, so do not overweight the car. Let it only be the car transport.

Research leads to the perfect decision.

We have often mentioned that check reviews before selecting a car but did we mention not checking Google reviews? Oh! We are sorry! Actually, Google reviews might fake, and those reviews will certainly misguide you. So, do not fall for Google reviews. Here comes a question in your mind, “How can I research for a good car transport company for car transport from Mackay to Brisbane?” So, the answer is still to check reviews, but on the sites where sign up is necessary for posting any review. These types of websites can be Yelp and so on.

How can P&S Logistics make you golden in this situation

We are fully aware that how much tricky and stressful car transport from Mackay to Brisbane can be, so for this reason, P&S Logistics is offering premium quality service at a low and affordable cost. We have mentioned the services that help us in making you golden for car transport from Mackay to Brisbane:

Well-educated and experienced staff

The car transport from Mackay to Brisbane service by P&S Logistics is run by experienced and well-educated staff. You can witness it. From the first step of placing the order to deliver your car, our staff handles and fulfils its duties with care and love. You will have only one-time interaction with our staff after that your car would be delivered according to your requirements.

International standards are followed for the safety of your car

We work hardest to make sure that your car is safe on the trailers, so we take specific wheel straps. In this way, the car could not move, and it is delivered securely to its destination. All the measures follow the international standards strictly.

Pay the amount on which we agreed.

You will never face this type of problem. You will pay only what you agreed to according to the quote.

We are good at deadlines.

We always try our best to deliver your car as soon as possible.

You can contact us to get a quote according to your specific requirements!