The Car Carrying Perth to Townsville with P&S Logistics

Vehicle Transport Perth to Townsville

The Car Carrying Perth to Townsville with P&S Logistics

15 Feb, 2024

Car carrying Perth to Townsville is easy when you have P&S Logistics with you. Not only do we make your interstate transit smooth, but we also deliver your vehicles on time. Also, we strive to relocate your automobiles in their pristine condition. This blog will move you through the entire smooth process of moving your car interstate.

Understanding the car transport Perth to Townsville

A car transport Perth to Townsville is a daunting task. It covers more than 4900 kilometres and can take almost 53 tiring hours. The most suitable solution in this way is hiring an efficient car moving company like ours. We take care of your vehicles as if they were our own. Let’s learn about the process of interstate car transport.

Select a proficient company

The very first step towards an amazing interstate car carrying journey is selecting a worthy company. Choose a company like ours that has the ability to solve all your problems regarding interstate transportation in Australia. We have years of experience in vehicle transportation. Not only this, but we have a highly expert staff that takes care of your automobiles.

Get a car moving Perth to Brisbane quote

After selecting the company, obtain a car moving Perth to Brisbane quote. Good vehicle transport companies like ours provide customers with free-of-cost car transport quotes. Ask our customer care representatives for a quote and they will ask you about some information related to your vehicle and transit locations. After you provide them with all the required information, they will send you the quotes promptly.

Booking the shipment for your vehicle’s relocation

Book your shipment for your vehicle’s relocation. After our team provides you with the quote, read it twice. If you agree with the quote, let our customer care unit know and they will book our shipment. We recommend you be flexible about the transit schedule while booking your vehicle's shipment.

Preparing your vehicle for interstate car transportation in Sydney

Making your vehicle ready for interstate car transportation in Sydney is essential because it prevents inconvenience and disturbance. Follow these tips and tricks and you will end up making your vehicle ready in a good way.

  • Clean your car from inside and out for Perth to Townsville
  • Secure all the loose parts that may cause damage to the windows and panes
  • Remove all the personal belongings from your vehicle
  • If you need to put something inside your car, let our drivers know
  • Nothing should be on the driver's or passengers’ seats
  • Check the fuel level and the tire pressure critically
  • There must be no leakage in the vehicle
  • Turn off all the alarms including the security one
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Lock your car and provide our drivers with a spare set of keys
  • Pickup of your car

    On the day of your car’s pickup, our drivers will come to the decided destination. Our team will ask for your permission and load your automobile carefully onto the trailer. Make sure of your presence at the spot. It will provide you with peace of mind. Our trailers come with modern and sophisticated technology to load and unload your vehicles with care and attention. Our team specialises in the timely and pristine delivery of your precious valuables.

    Tracking your four-wheeler’s location

    After your vehicle’s loading, you should keep checking on it. Ask our customer support team and they will let you know about its current location and status. From the moment you obtain a quote, to the time when your vehicle reaches the destination safe and sound, our customer care service stays in touch with you. They are problem-solving and quickly responding. So keep asking them about your vehicle’s location from time to time and they will never disappoint you.

    Receiving your vehicle

    On the dropoff day, our drivers will come to your assigned destination along with your prized possession. They will unload your vehicles safely. We again request you to be present at the time of your vehicle’s dropoff. This will save you and our driver from disturbance and inconvenience. After our team unloads your car securely, inspect it thoroughly, and sign the delivery papers.

    Inspect your vehicle and give us a review

    Inspect your vehicle completely after receiving it. We strive to deliver your automobiles in their pristine condition and without any dents or damages. If you like our services, it's your moral responsibility to give us a positive review. Every comment of yours matters to us because we devise our policies in accordance with your compliments.

    Experience reliable vehicle transport Perth to Townsville

    Our experience, expertise, and customer-friendly policies make us Australia’s top-notch car carriers. Not only are our prices pocket-friendly, but we also never compromise on the quality of our services. Contact our customer care team for all your queries and questions. Get a free vehicle moving quote and experience an amazing vehicle transport Perth to Townsville.