Purchasing a Vehicle From Graysonline Auction? Let's be your transit partners!

Vehicle Transport From Graysonline Auction

Purchasing a Vehicle From Graysonline Auction? Let's be your transit partners!

06 Feb, 2024

Purchasing a vehicle from Graysonline? Forget the hassle of driving long distances! P&S Logistics offers seamless interstate transit on specially built trucks and trailers. Whether you are moving interstate, need your new car delivered, or planning a cross-country adventure, We've got you covered with the best interstate car transport services. After making your purchase follow these steps for a smooth transit.

Buying from Graysonline? Let Us Handle Your Vehicle Transport

Skip the hassle and get your free vehicle transport quote in minutes if you are buying a vehicle from Graysonline. Simply contact us with the details of your vehicle including desired pickup and drop off locations, and your vehicle’s information. The quote is usually valid for 7 days, so you can lock in the price and book your shipment confidently.

The booking process

Securing your booking is simple. Once you receive your quote, just contact our team, enter the reference number, and your prices and dates are locked in. We'll stay in touch to ensure a smooth experience every step of the way. Let's get you rolling!

Preparing your vehicle for transportation

Once you've secured your booking, prepping your four-wheeler for transport shouldn't be overlooked. Remember these key steps for a smooth experience. Making your precious automobile includes the following steps.

Cleaning/washing your vehicle

Cleaning your car is about protecting your investment. Removing dust and grime not only keeps your ride looking sharp but also prevents damage to the paint. It also reduces wear and tear on the interior. So grab your cleaning supplies and give your car some attention.

  • Emptying the fuel tank
  • For safety reasons, it's important to avoid transporting your car with a full tank of gas. Aim to keep the fuel level at a quarter tank or less before transportation. This helps protect both your vehicle and the carrier.

  • Leakage checking
  • Conduct a comprehensive underbody inspection for any fluid leaks. If any leaks are detected, ensure they are repaired before shipping the car. Because the leaks may cause spillage and disruptions.

  • Turning off the alarms
  • Remember to turn off the security and other alarms set in your automobile while transporting it. Because it may cause disruptions during the journey.

  • Removing personal belongings
  • For optimal safety during transit, your car must be completely empty without any personal belongings or luggage. However, if necessary, you may bring something, but it must be securely wrapped and away from screens to avoid potential theft or damage. Remember, anything left in the car is at your own risk.

  • Secure the car by locking it
  • Secure the car by locking it, then entrust a spare set of keys to our driver while retaining the main set for yourself. Drivers may need your car’s keys for certain reasons.

  • Photos and documentations
  • Before transporting your car, snap some fresh photos capturing its current condition and spend some time reviewing the relevant documentation. This will provide valuable evidence in case of any unforeseen damage during the transportation process, ensuring a smoother and more secure experience.

    The shipping time

    Whether you choose the convenience of door-to-door transport, where we pick up your precious vehicle directly, or the cost-effective option of depot-to-depot transport where you'd need to bring it to their car depot, being present at the loading point ensures a smooth experience. Just let us know after buying your vehicle from Graysonline and we will deliver it safely.

    Keep checking your vehicle’s status

    Keep yourself informed from the moment your car is loaded onto our carrier. Our friendly staff of interstate transit providers will keep you updated on its status throughout the journey, so you can stay relaxed. We will strive to deliver your vehicle safely and on time.

    Picking up the automobile

    Rest assured, our experienced staff will deliver your car on time, whether you choose convenient doorstep pickup or depot pick-up. Be there to collect your vehicle at the pre-arranged time, and we will ensure a smooth handover.

    A satisfactory review

    Experience seamless and smooth interstate vehicle transport with us! Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to earn your trust from the moment you request a quote to the happy moment you receive your car. After your smooth delivery, consider leaving a review on our page. It helps us grow and ensures others can experience the same positive journey. Choose us for stress-free interstate vehicle transportation today!

    Buy from Graysonline and let us be your vehicle transport partners!

    Look no further than P&S Logistics if you are in search of a smooth and hassle-free auto transport service. We take pride in delivering your cars with reliability. Whether you're relocating across the country or need to move a car for any other reason, our dedicated team is here to make the process smooth and easier. Contact us for your vehicle’s transportation after making a purchase from Graysonline.