6 Misconceptions about Shipping Car to Australia; Melbourne to Sydney Car Transport P&S Logistics

Shipping Car to Australia

6 Misconceptions about Shipping Car to Australia; Melbourne to Sydney Car Transport P&S Logistics

04 Mar, 2022

P&S Logistics makes Melbourne to Sydney car transport simple and seamless. Although, shipping car to Australia is not an easy task. There are various myths about it. You may suppose that these misconceptions about shipping cars to Australia are real. It would be best if you carried out proper research before shipping your car to avoid these myths. Take the time to learn about common myths about vehicle shipping services and the facts behind them. It will help you recognize the truth. We are sharing some of these misconceptions with you.

Misconceptions about Melbourne to Sydney Car Transport

1. It's impossible to ship a car with goods.

Some people need a Melbourne to Sydney Car Transport. But they believe they cannot ship their cars with goods in them. It is not always the case. Many auto movers offer car transport with goods facility. You can place some items in your car too. The shipping company will carry your car with the goods. P&S Logistics is also providing its customers with this facility. You can contact us anytime to get this service for shipping cars to Australia. It is not as tough as you may believe in shipping your car. It's only a technicality that you must adhere to.

2. Open-car transport is unsafe for auto shipping.

A popular misconception is that open-air transport will cause damage to your vehicle. Both open-air and enclosed carriers are completely safe for your vehicle. It only depends upon the service providers. The good quality service offers the same level of protection for open and closed car carriers. P&S Logistics offers both services for Melbourne to Sydney car transport to its customers. We try our best to provide you with a safe service for shipping cars to Australia.

3. A low-cost carrier is always better to choose

Many people feel that you should always choose the cheapest service, but you should instead determine which provider has every service you need. The shipping company must have a good reputation. A cheap car transport service is not always the best too. It would help determine which service is better at a reasonable price.

4. It costs more to drive your car.

Another myth is that driving your car is less expensive than shipping it. However, consider time, meals, fuels, and other costs also. Driving your car by yourself may be more expensive. Shipping a vehicle is the more cost-effective alternative. Look for a company with a good reputation and affordable charges.

5. Customer reviews are fake.

Not all auto transport firms operate in the same manner. For example, some auto shipping companies may post fake reviews for Melbourne to Sydney car transport. But not all shippers are the same. There are honest car transporters too. P&S Logistics tries to make sure that we post genuine reviews only. You can see the reviews of our customers on our website also.

6. There is no need to gather knowledge about the shipping company.

Many people ignore the information about the shipping company. They do not visit the company's website. Gather all necessary knowledge about the transport company before choosing it. Avoid companies with no reviews or a lot of bad feedback. Many businesses may stream or repost customer feedback on their websites.

When looking for a company to carry your cargo, look for vehicle shippers with many reviews. This will provide you with a better understanding of previous client experiences. P&S Logistics has a track record of on-time delivery, good reviews, fair prices, 24/7 customer service, and the capacity to provide you with information about your car location. For shipping a car to Australia, contact us today!