Do you want an easy fix for your Interstate Salvage Car Transport? Read This!

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Do you want an easy fix for your Interstate Salvage Car Transport? Read This!

14 Feb, 2022

PS Logistics provides car transport services for both running and non-running vehicles. We are always ready for your interstate salvage car transport. You can transport your wrecked or broken cars with us. We offer local and interstate car shipping services in Australia. PS Logistics has the experience and nationwide delivery services to make it simple for you. One of the advantages of buying a salvage automobile is the low initial cost. But there is much tension that comes with damaged vehicles.

Salvage vehicles include non-running and damaged automobiles. Some cars usually do not start. Others may be unable to roll owing to collision damage. Some lack wheels. However, an automobile can become undrivable for a variety of reasons. Shipping non-running cars can be a difficult process. It requires extra steps, training, and types of equipment.

Is it more expensive to ship non-running vehicles?

Salvage car transport always requires an extra fee. It is always more expensive to ship non-running autos. It is because of the extra time needed to load and unload the vehicle and the increased danger of damage. When given the option, most drivers will always choose a running car over one that isn't. The cost of transportation might rise by several folds depending upon different factors. The charges are usually determined by:

  • Total delivery distance
  • The extent of the damage
  • The location of car delivery
  • The size of the inoperable car
  • Why should you choose us?

    Only a few organizations have the experience and resources for salvage car transport. PS Logistics has access to the correct equipment and skilled employees. We began shipping automobiles for a long time. We can export inoperable cars over large distances. PS Logistics specializes in transporting automobiles. Non-running automobiles can be loaded, unloaded, and transferred using our services. Car auctions are a common site to buy salvage vehicles. PS Logistics provides transportation from auto auctions to your preferred location. You'll get your salvage car moved fast and safe.

    Interstate Salvage Car Transport with P&S Logistics

    It is critical to ensure that the vehicle to be shipped can roll, steer, and brake. We have a large network of carriers that specialize in transporting damaged cars. We are a leading shipper of these vehicles. Our drivers provide car shipping services to assist our customers. We have experience in shipping a variety of vehicles. Our team of professional drivers is the best in the auto transportation industry. They have the necessary equipment to carry many cars at once.

    Transporting damaged or non-running automobiles

    Our clients frequently ask about transferring damaged or non-running cars and vehicles. People often buy an old car and need to move it. Sometimes, you want to transport your vehicle to a repair shop or out of an auction yard. A salvage car may have different kinds of damage. These include:

  • Hail damage
  • Large dents
  • Missing or damaged panels
  • Smashed/cracked/stone chipped glass
  • Which is the best service to ship a wrecked vehicle?

    It is not simple to transport salvage vehicles. It demands a great deal of attention, care, and specialized equipment. Preparing a broken car for transportation comes with its own set of challenges. PS Logistics is ready to tackle these challenges with care. We can transport both running and non-running cars. The following are the types of car damages that we can deal with:

    Wheels that aren't turning

    When the wheels of a car are not parallel, straight, and able to turn, we call them blocked. Fortunately, PS Logistics can transport such vehicles to the required place.

    Cars with no Keys

    Several automobiles roll without resistance when in neutral gear and without a key. Yet, some automobiles need a key to operate. In this situation, you'll need to hire a car shipping business to move the vehicle to its destiny.

    Damage from Collisions

    Car accidents are widespread. These may damage the cars. To protect the vehicle, we will load the vehicle with a rollback tow truck if it is wrecked and cannot roll.

    Mechanical Problems

    Even if your automobile is broken down and unable to run due to mechanical troubles, PS Logistics can still load and transfer it to its destination. So, if you are looking for salvage car transport, have a look at our shipping services. We are always trying to meet our customers’ shipping demands.