Car transport from WA to QLD, P&S Logistics

Car transport from WA to QLD by P&S Logistics

Car transport from WA to QLD, P&S Logistics

11 Aug, 2021

Car transport from WA to QLD (Queensland) can be problematic if you do not have complete information about car transport. In this article, the car transport professionals of P&S Logistics have prepared a complete guide for you to have information about the source and destination and everything that you must know before you can make a decision. This article explains the tips and tricks for successfully transporting a car from WA to QLD.

Some basic information about WA and QLD

Before you decide to transport a car from WA to QLD, you must know basic information about the two states so that you could avoid any future issues. All the information given in this section is specifically from the point of view of car transport.

As the name states, the WA is located on the western side of Australia. The seasons in Australia are the same throughout the country, which means if the summer starts in December in QLD, the season of the WA will also be summer. The favorable seasons for car transport from WA to QLD are summer, spring, and autumn. The holidays are also the same throughout Australia, making it easy to calculate the delivery time if you are using a car transport service from WA to QLD.

The distance from WA to QLD is approximately 3,023 KMs which means that the car transport from WA to QLD can take up to 7 days with standard delivery options. The peak season of car transport service from WA to QLD is usually summer before and after holidays. Many students go to WA and QLD for education every year when car transport service rates touch the sky. You should avoid car transport service during that time if you do not need the car to be transported urgently.

How can citizens of WA prepare to prepare a car for shipping?

Sometimes the customers looking for the basics things to be done before letting drivers take away the car. In this case, we have listed a few bullet points that they can use as a checklist before they hand over the car to the driver. Let’s start with easy steps:

Washing the car

You might be wondering why washing a car is the first step. Relax; it is just a prerequisite for the next steps. You should wash the exterior of your car, and it is a crucial step.

Check the outside of the car thoroughly

You should check the car’s exterior so that you could identify any damage to the car’s exterior. It will help to secure you and the car transport company as would not blame the car transport company for the damage already present on the car.

Click pictures

Possibly, you would forget the inspected damage at the time of car delivery; thereupon, it is better to click pictures of the car for the record. It will help to avoid any dispute between you and the car transport company.

Save all of your precious things

Although some car transport companies say that the customers can put their things in the car during transport from WA to QLD, it is appropriate that you should not place your precious items in the car if you are using an open. There are chances of break-in and theft as there are no walls and ceilings of open car transport trailers.

Remove your car keys

You must remove the key from the car before you hand over the car to the driver. In this way, you would be saved from the problem.

Note: whenever we have stated the phrase “handing over the car to the driver”, we assume that the customer is using a door-to-door service.

Remove liquid from the car

You should remove any type of liquid from the car before using a car transport service from WA to QLD. The reason is that the car transport company either use car lifter or they drive the car to the trailer. In either of the cases, there are chances that any liquid present in the car would be spilled out.

Tips and tricks for successful car transport from WA to QLD

You can do or take care of a few things to successfully transport your car from WA to QLD.

Be mindful of the peak season

The summer is the peak season for car transport from WA to QLD. In this season. So, if you can delay the car transport during peak season, it will be good for you.

Choose the type of car transport service carefully

Choosing a car transport service wisely is essential. If you have an ordinary car, it will be no use for you to choose an enclosed car transport service as it is expensive and especially recommended for luxury cars and exotic cars.

Choosing a good car transport company

Do not ever make any decision in a rush. You must get a quote from other car transporters. It might be hectic and daunting to get quotes from different car transporters, but you know what? This is the thing that will directly affect the cost. While getting the quote, make sure to read about all the companies and reviews of their previous customers. After you have got the quotes, pick the car transporters with a good reputation and low cost.

You can contact P&S Logistics 24/7 to get a free and instant quote. We try our best to deliver your car as soon as possible, and our well-educated and professional staff will assist you if you have any kind of issue during car transport from WA to QLD.